Web design was started for scientists. A platform was created to share only online data so that all information could be gathered in one place and different persons could use that information at different places.

After this process, the revolution has come. At first, it was used only for the needs but later it was started for online advertising. If we talk about marketing then we can call the website in simple a language. “Website is a virtual platform for data collection.




Types of Websites

The basis of digital marketing is the website itself. Because in that you present your website. So that people can go there and buy your products.

Initially, it was made for the presentation. But later it started using the animation to attract people through online application & games.

Types of Websites:- Static, Dynamic & E-Commerce.

Static Website

Only for information purposes or for a presentation that is called static website. You can not change it dynamically. You can not update day by day. Like the story, blogs company profile notice, etc.


Dynamic Website

A a large level website where you can update daily.

You can also update the data yourself and your user can also update his information. This type of website is called Dynamic Website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are big examples of a dynamic website. Nowadays most people are building a dynamic website. So that they can give a fresh look of their website and the customer can feel always good.

E-commerce Website

For online selling your products. You need an e-commerce website. So that you can directly sell your products through digital devices. Now days mostly manufacturing companies are selling their products through their e-commerce website and another online portal also. E-commerce portal like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, etc these companies are demanding commission 15% to 35%. So most sellers are selling their product by their online portal and saving their margins.

E-Portal:– E-portal is a website where you can get all the information in one place. Like education, medical, hospitality, schools, college, etc. You can do all the listing in one place. You need not go to different websites for your ads. Yellow pages, C & I directories these websites are big examples of E-Portal.


What we can do for you?

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