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Social Media Optimization

smo means social media optimization like Facebook twitter LinkedIn Instagram where we can promote online sale promotions. It’s a backbone of 40% of organic search. Social media is a platform where you can engage with your customers. Film Stars, Politicians, Professionals all are always active on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram. Because they can easily share their activity with their fans and can increase their followers.

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Social Media Optimization


smo means social media optimization like Facebook twitter LinkedIn Instagram where we can promote online sale promotions.

The largest social media website in the world.
Here you will find people of any industry. Use of facebook business you can increase your customers and promote your products worldwide and facebook started selling tab. So that you can directly sale your product like eCommerce. In facebook, you can use PPC and organic ads and you can contact your customers and share your updates also but you can promote your brand also.
smo stands on social media optimization promoting your business on Facebook or Twitter and LinkedIn Instagram for online sale promotions but you can use paid ads also on these sites.

What we can do?

We can make your company profile and promote your brand. So that people can aware of your products and visibility. And we can increase your website visitors so that they can buy your products and you can increase your sales.


It is also a social media platform like Facebook. But it’s a little different. Because in this platform you can tweet in limited words and other functions are mostly the same. You can also use this platform for the branding of your products.

You can promote your product worldwide without physically travel. Like e-commerce companies or visit to door to door. These companies are using in a very good way of Online Marketing.


The reason for the video search is also very important on the internet. Because any new release movie trailer or music launch everybody is using this. So you can use video marketing through this platform with organically or paid service.

Instagram:- It is also a part of facebook. Because it’s facebook’s product so you can get more visibility on the internet. You can promote your products or sales on this platform organically.


This portal was started mostly for job searching. But you can create your profile with reference to your existing experiences and it’s a good platform for a manufacturing company. But you can promote your product through the company page and showcase page also.

Whatsapp:- it’s also a part of facebook and a very advanced and quick response mobile app and the best app in the world is called “WhatsApp”. Now Whatsapp business is also a great tool for business promotion. Through this, you can promote your brand and make visibility worldwide. For branding and customer engagement it is a very ideal tool. But you can communicate with your users in real-time and can check responses and delivery status also. For online marketing, this is the best tool.


For promotion, social media tools are a very ideal platform for your brand or organization. You can use paid and free service for promotions.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Search Engine Optimization are the same things. It is the most important for digital marketing and business growth. The SEO industry has made a lot of progress after Google’s arrival and By the way, the search engine is too many. Like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. But Google is the most popular search engine of the world.

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What is a search engine Optimization or seo?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Think of it as the engine of a train. Just like an engine runs behind the other coaches. In the same way, if you do some searches on the browser, the results of your “data” are called a search result. Because you ask to “search engine” that does any search, then it works for you and pulls up data related to your keyword. Google made it advance so that people can find the same information that they are looking for.This is the magic of Search Engine Optimization


Searching or search itself tells you that you need something for your requirements. Anyone when goes to on the browser, only for searches for something when you need some suggestions or information. Now this category of “Search”,  Can be different. Because Searches can use for an experiment or study or buy something. All search engines know what the customer is searching for. So you can make the same “keyword”, A keyword similar to your product and you can launch in the market or the Internet. So that when customers search by the same product by the same “keywords” on the Internet, they can see your product and your sales and productivity can increase.

You can promote your product worldwide without physically travel. Like e-commerce companies. These companies are using in a very good way of Online Marketing.

Type of Searching





If anyone wants to search News then he can directly search in a new tab. Mostly Students, Researchers, Reporters, Politicians are searching the news for making their strategy. In our personal lives, we are also searching for news for our general knowledge.


A many years ago, there was a lot of trend of image search. But due to the arrival of the video search, its importance has decreased and You can go to the image search tab to search the image on any browsers. And you can use that image for your research.


Products search for buying is very common on the internet. Because if you want to search for any product you can directly go to the product tab and check about what you want and It can help you with your needs related to products.


This is a also a part of Google. Youtube is the largest video search engine in the world and it is the no one position on the internet. Because someone does not have much time to read the article or try to understand the picture. So anybody can understand by watching the video easily and get any information. That’s why it

became so famous. Because “an image is better than content, and a video is better than an Image.”


Optimization is a process that seeks to bring more and more positive results with the help of keywords. And the negative results could be reduced.

Types of Optimizations





pay per click or adwords by Google. We use ppc to get results quickly. When user searches through your keywords, your website will come on top in search bar due to PPC. According to you budget and pay per click bid, you can bid for keywords and spend money. When user click on your web link a bid amount will deduct Whether the user buy or not. But your visibility will be 100% guaranteed through adwords or ppc.

Organic Search

without using paid campaign and ppc or In a simple way – where you can advertise free of cost, it is called organic search. Like Facebook or Instagram. If you are a bulk user of social media you can visible organically on search engines free of cost. You need not pay anything. Social Media is big example of organic search . Like Printerst , we can make backlinks and promote your website and you can save money also. Because 70% searches are belong to organic only 30% searches are paid. For free marketing consultancy feel free contact us.

Web Designing

Web Designing

A Webdesign should be responsive and mobile friendly. Web design or portal was started for scientists. So that they can communicate and share data easily with each other. A platform was created to share only online data so that all information could be gathered in one place and different persons could use that information at different places also. After this process and the revolution has come. At first, it was used only for the needs but later it was started for online advertising and sales. If we talk about marketing or business then we need a presentation so that we can represent our company worldwide and we can call it a website or in simple a language. “Website is a virtual platform where we can collect all our data and information. And we can share it with the people of the entire world.” The basis of digital marketing a website is the base of promotion and online marketing. Because you are presenting your website or presentation. So that people can go there and buy your products or services.

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A Webdesign should be responsive and mobile friendly. Initially, it was made for the presentation. But later it started using animation to attract people through online applications & games.

You can promote your product worldwide without physically travel. Like e-commerce companies. These companies are using in a very good way of Online Marketing.

Types of Websites

A Webdesign should be responsive and mobile friendly.

Static Website:

Information related website

Only for information purposes or for a presentation that is called a static website. You can not change it dynamically. You can not update day by day. Like the story, blogs company profile notice, etc.

Dynamic Website

Mobile Friendly


A large level website where you can update daily.

You can also update the data yourself and your user can also update his information. This type of website is called Dynamic Website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are big examples of a dynamic website. Nowadays most people are building a dynamic website. So that they can give a fresh look of their website and the customer can feel always good.

E-commerce Website


For online selling your products. You need an e-commerce website. So that you can directly sell your products through digital devices. Now days mostly manufacturing companies are selling their products through their e-commerce website and another online portal also. E-commerce portal like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, etc these companies are demanding commission 15% to 35%. So most sellers are selling their product by their online portal and saving their margins.


Yellow Pages
C & I Directories

E-portal is a website where you can get all the information in one place. Like education, medical, hospitality, schools, and college, etc. You can also do all the listing in one place and you need not go to different websites for your ads. Yellow pages, C & I directories these websites are also big examples of E-Portal. What we can do for you? According to your need and budget. In the same way, we can give you a good website. Our experts will understand your business and advise you on what type of website you should build. So why you are waiting. Connect with us for a free marketing consultant.



E-commerce was started by the American company Amazon and Due to the modern era digital, this business turnover has been more than Thousands of crore and America has started delivery by drones in some cities, And Amazon has started it.

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E-commerce means – Buyer and seller are the connectors for this online business and completely dependent on the internet and the process of buying and selling online with digital devices like laptop, mobile, tab, computer, etc. It is an eCommerce business or online selling and buying.

You can promote your product worldwide without physically travel. Like e-commerce companies. These companies are using in a very good way of Online Marketing.


Suppose you go to the market and buy something. It takes a lot of time. But the same thing you can do it online too, and this deal will prove to be good for you, and you can save your money and time also. The best part of this, the return and replacement policy of these companies is awesome. These companies do not make a needle but their turnover is more than half a million.

These two people are involved in the online business:- Buyer and seller.


The person who sells anything or any services does anything to sell, it is called a seller.


Consumers or customers or buyers.


Online companies connected to Manufacturing companies. So that these companies sell their products on the commission bases. They spend money on online marketing so that customers can visit on their website and buy their products. After purchasing, delivery boy contacts to the buyer and deliver their products.

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Online Account Management:

We can help you how to work for these already running eCommerce companies or you can sell your own product through their site and you can increase your sales. we can handle everything about your store or guide you on how to maintain this. 

An online account manager is highly paid and it can not maintain your budget so we have a solution for this. We can manage all online store accounts of e-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart, Sanapdeal, etc. For any more information, you can Contact Us.

Why You depend on E-commerce?

These e-commerce companies take 15% to 35% commission on selling of your products and services. So if you can give a discount direct to your buyer then you can increase your sales easily. So you need not depend on these e-commerce sites and you can run your own shopping website online. You should start selling through your own e-commerce portal or website. We can help you in selling your product. For free consultant you can contact us.

Selling on E-commerce Platform:-

An e-commerce company or representative can guide you. But in case if you want to hire some people who can work for you as a account manager or customer service. So that he/she can manage your online selling. You will pay a salary. But we can save 50% of your money in this process. We can work for you. Our Expert team will manage your online selling process. So that you can work stress-free. And our expert will guide you that how you can grow your online business.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

 Those devices what it attached with computer and using for digitally marketing or online marketing that process is called Digital Marketing. Like mobile, tab, laptop computer, etc.

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Online Marketing or Digital Marketing




If we are talking about marketing, its simple meaning that what you want to sell any product or services, it should be visible for maximum people or reach to max person. Because we don’t know who is our customer and who will be our user. But we can sell our product to only that person who is needed for that product.

Modern Age of Internet

If we compare today’s modern age and the beginning age of marketing, that time a direct sale was popular. Currently like Networking Marketing. In this process, you meet the people and discuss your product with him giving information that how this product will be beneficial for him and if customer satisfies by your services then you can take orders from him.

Then slowly that trend has changed now. Almost 55% to 75% occupied by digital marketing or online marketing.

You can promote your product worldwide without physically travel. Like e-commerce companies. These companies are using in a very good way of Online Marketing.


The best part of this process is You have not to need to go directly to anyone, you have to make digital ads and promote it worldwide, customer can automatically come to your ads and if that the person or the organization has any need you can easily catch them so that he can convert in customers from visitors.

We can be classified by digital marketing in the following points:-







Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the backbone of online marketing. There are many search engine websites are available in the world. Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. But Google is the best and big search engine in the world. Most people are using this web browser. So this is the no 1 search engine. It doesn’t mean that other search browsers are useless, which is also using by many people.

Optimization is divided into two parts

Organic Search

Paid Search

Organic Search 

organic or natural search means that you have need not use the money for those ads. You need to do an activity only. Through your activity, if people like your ads then they can easily spread your ads in the world with sharing and liking. It is beneficial for organic search without paying like PPC. But its a very hardworking job it can take 3-4 months or maybe one year.

Paid Search

Its a very costly. Pay Per Click means suppose bit cost is Rs 1 for per keyword and any user click on your link your money will spend whatever he buys or not your product. If he clicks 100 times you spend Rs 100. It works immediately. In a single day, your visibility can show on the first page.  


The total share of social media optimization in digital marketing is 40%. It is mostly used for organic search on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. There are many social media websites available. But only a few are popular. It has also a paid and organic option. If you are using paid services your web site will get rank easily.


Blogs or content writing is a king of the internet or website. Blogging is a knowledge bank. If you have good and fresh content then you can popular your blogs on the internet and you can increase your customers and visitors on your website. 71% of shares are involved in a blog in digital marketing.


Web design performs a big role in digital marketing. It is the base of online business. “It is a virtual place where your presentation is available in a systematic way. So that anyone can easily access your data or get knowledge about your company or profile.

Responsive Website

Now a day website view totally depends on digital devices. That is called a responsive website or Mobile friendly web page. Because most people are not available on the computer they can use mobile, tab, laptop, etc. So your web pages should be easily open on these devices. It’s mandatory because your visitors can easily access your web pages through digital devices. So that you can increase your visitors on your website.

The Online Game

This is a game of online marketing that most people can visit your website and you can sell your product widely.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also involved in this business. Because if you have a big visitors on your page you can make money through affiliate business. Google ad sense is also a big example of it.

Mobile Marketing

Responsive and mobile-friendly web pages, landing pages, SMS and the latest trend is Whatsapp. These are the best example of getting business through mobile devices. So that you can increase your brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Bulk emailing is a big part of digital marketing. It’s a big role in an e-commerce business. So that you can spread information about your new product updates and discount or offers to your customers.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

When marketing started many years ago, direct marketing was the only option. In this process, you had to go and tell the people about your product and verbally you had to tell them that you are manufacturing this product and you have to buy this. Gradually, marketing began to expand even after the arrival of newspaper radio, television, mobile, computer, etc.

And nowadays there is an age of the internet. So it has now taken the form of digital marketing.

India’s population is huge. So, in order to reach you, you have to spread your message to all the places where people spend their time as much as possible.

seo for newspaper

News Papers

Magazine business is also quite in vogue. According to your business, magazines are available in the market. You can promote your company there. It costs almost the same way as newspapers. A little too much can be up down. Time and Forbes Magazine performs a survey and earns millions by publishing photos of artists, businessmen, and politicians on their first page. Or you can say that they reward them. This is also a good way of business.


It is the backbone of the visibility marketing of small cities villages and metro cities. From Businessman to the preachers and politicians all use it. This is a good example of marketing also.

search engine optimisazaion


A few years ago, the radio was quite boring. And the interest of the people was getting lost. But for the past few years, FM has given it a special identity. It has made it so interesting that listeners are waiting to listen to some of its programs. You can also increase your business by promoting your brand on Radio. Many companies give money to RJ. So that they can promote their ads in the live show.


Marketing on the TV is the most expensive. But you can get 100% results. The cost depends on its TRP. Nowadays, the TRP of the Kapil Sharma show on the Sony channel is doing well. Mostly big brands companies are giving ads on that show. Kapil is also doing direct marketing in the running shows. So you can directly tie-up with the host of that show for direct marketing of your products.

seo for news


Use of mobile at the beginning only to send messages and talk only. But as technology went on growing – the mobile also went on developing. Nowadays the website is also being built with mobile-friendly in mind. A responsive website is a big example of it.


The modern era is an era of the internet. Nowadays advertising is being used for digital. The use of the Internet in marketing is approximately 50%.


What is Marketing?

Any process in which you work for attracting people to provide some of your things, services and so on. It’s called marketing or business. We will promote your brand until you will not get results.

You will pay a little attention to all those successful people around you, In a way, they will

seem like a salesman. Whether it is an artist, politician, writer, etc.

All are the sellers. They are selling themselves or their services.

Marketing also means that people are always remembering you so that they can never forget you.

The bells of the temples, the voices of Azan, what is all this is a kind of advertisement. So that people can not forget God.

Meaning God also needs advertising.