Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

When marketing started many years ago, direct marketing was the only option. In this process, you had to go and tell the people about your product and verbally you had to tell them that you are manufacturing this product and you have to buy this. Gradually, marketing began to expand even after the arrival of newspaper radio, television, mobile, computer, etc.

And nowadays there is an age of the internet. So it has now taken the form of digital marketing.

India’s population is huge. So, in order to reach you, you have to spread your message to all the places where people spend their time as much as possible.

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News Papers

Magazine business is also quite in vogue. According to your business, magazines are available in the market. You can promote your company there. It costs almost the same way as newspapers. A little too much can be up down. Time and Forbes Magazine performs a survey and earns millions by publishing photos of artists, businessmen, and politicians on their first page. Or you can say that they reward them. This is also a good way of business.


It is the backbone of the visibility marketing of small cities villages and metro cities. From Businessman to the preachers and politicians all use it. This is a good example of marketing also.

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A few years ago, the radio was quite boring. And the interest of the people was getting lost. But for the past few years, FM has given it a special identity. It has made it so interesting that listeners are waiting to listen to some of its programs. You can also increase your business by promoting your brand on Radio. Many companies give money to RJ. So that they can promote their ads in the live show.


Marketing on the TV is the most expensive. But you can get 100% results. The cost depends on its TRP. Nowadays, the TRP of the Kapil Sharma show on the Sony channel is doing well. Mostly big brands companies are giving ads on that show. Kapil is also doing direct marketing in the running shows. So you can directly tie-up with the host of that show for direct marketing of your products.

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Use of mobile at the beginning only to send messages and talk only. But as technology went on growing – the mobile also went on developing. Nowadays the website is also being built with mobile-friendly in mind. A responsive website is a big example of it.


The modern era is an era of the internet. Nowadays advertising is being used for digital. The use of the Internet in marketing is approximately 50%.


What is Marketing?

Any process in which you work for attracting people to provide some of your things, services and so on. It’s called marketing or business. We will promote your brand until you will not get results.

You will pay a little attention to all those successful people around you, In a way, they will

seem like a salesman. Whether it is an artist, politician, writer, etc.

All are the sellers. They are selling themselves or their services.

Marketing also means that people are always remembering you so that they can never forget you.

The bells of the temples, the voices of Azan, what is all this is a kind of advertisement. So that people can not forget God.

Meaning God also needs advertising.