Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

 Those devices what it attached with computer and using for digitally marketing or online marketing that process is called Digital Marketing. Like mobile, tab, laptop computer, etc.

By WebVyapaar

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing




If we are talking about marketing, its simple meaning that what you want to sell any product or services, it should be visible for maximum people or reach to max person. Because we don’t know who is our customer and who will be our user. But we can sell our product to only that person who is needed for that product.

Modern Age of Internet

If we compare today’s modern age and the beginning age of marketing, that time a direct sale was popular. Currently like Networking Marketing. In this process, you meet the people and discuss your product with him giving information that how this product will be beneficial for him and if customer satisfies by your services then you can take orders from him.

Then slowly that trend has changed now. Almost 55% to 75% occupied by digital marketing or online marketing.

You can promote your product worldwide without physically travel. Like e-commerce companies. These companies are using in a very good way of Online Marketing.


The best part of this process is You have not to need to go directly to anyone, you have to make digital ads and promote it worldwide, customer can automatically come to your ads and if that the person or the organization has any need you can easily catch them so that he can convert in customers from visitors.

We can be classified by digital marketing in the following points:-







Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the backbone of online marketing. There are many search engine websites are available in the world. Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. But Google is the best and big search engine in the world. Most people are using this web browser. So this is the no 1 search engine. It doesn’t mean that other search browsers are useless, which is also using by many people.

Optimization is divided into two parts

Organic Search

Paid Search

Organic Search 

organic or natural search means that you have need not use the money for those ads. You need to do an activity only. Through your activity, if people like your ads then they can easily spread your ads in the world with sharing and liking. It is beneficial for organic search without paying like PPC. But its a very hardworking job it can take 3-4 months or maybe one year.

Paid Search

Its a very costly. Pay Per Click means suppose bit cost is Rs 1 for per keyword and any user click on your link your money will spend whatever he buys or not your product. If he clicks 100 times you spend Rs 100. It works immediately. In a single day, your visibility can show on the first page.  


The total share of social media optimization in digital marketing is 40%. It is mostly used for organic search on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. There are many social media websites available. But only a few are popular. It has also a paid and organic option. If you are using paid services your web site will get rank easily.


Blogs or content writing is a king of the internet or website. Blogging is a knowledge bank. If you have good and fresh content then you can popular your blogs on the internet and you can increase your customers and visitors on your website. 71% of shares are involved in a blog in digital marketing.


Web design performs a big role in digital marketing. It is the base of online business. “It is a virtual place where your presentation is available in a systematic way. So that anyone can easily access your data or get knowledge about your company or profile.

Responsive Website

Now a day website view totally depends on digital devices. That is called a responsive website or Mobile friendly web page. Because most people are not available on the computer they can use mobile, tab, laptop, etc. So your web pages should be easily open on these devices. It’s mandatory because your visitors can easily access your web pages through digital devices. So that you can increase your visitors on your website.

The Online Game

This is a game of online marketing that most people can visit your website and you can sell your product widely.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also involved in this business. Because if you have a big visitors on your page you can make money through affiliate business. Google ad sense is also a big example of it.

Mobile Marketing

Responsive and mobile-friendly web pages, landing pages, SMS and the latest trend is Whatsapp. These are the best example of getting business through mobile devices. So that you can increase your brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Bulk emailing is a big part of digital marketing. It’s a big role in an e-commerce business. So that you can spread information about your new product updates and discount or offers to your customers.

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